xStatic wins an Umbraco Package Award

At Codegarden 2021 the Umbraco Package Award for best newcomer was awarded to xStatic!

Despite being the most accessible Codegarden ever, I still wasn't able to tune in live, so when I saw a twitter notification saying I'd won an award I was completely taken by surprise!

Just to be mentioned in the same breath as legendary community members such as Lee, Matt and Kevin is an honour, so thanks to all the panellists.

This package is amazing. With a basic install of the Umbraco Starter Kit and a setup that took about 10 minutes, I generated a static site and opened it in IIS Express. You can quickly plug in a Git repo with credentials or FTP and automagically deploy to it, which is wonderful. It lets you set your static assets like CSS & JS as well as the media crops you want generated. All around, I think this is an incredible package and it also has a ton of helpful documentation.

The complete list of winners in the awards were:

  • Best Expansion - Vendr by Outfield Digital (Matt & Lucy Brailsford)
  • Best Theme - uSkinned Site Builder by uSkinned (Paul Daly)
  • Best Newcomer - xStatic by Sam Mullins
  • Best Innovation/Hack - Matryoshka by Søren Kottal
  • Best Package Care/Holistic Experience - uMarketingSuite by Perplex Digital
  • Best Developer Tool - Skybrud Redirects by Anders Bjerner
  • Overall Winner - uSync/uSyncComplete by Kevin Jump

You can read more about the package awards and the winners at umbraco.com/blog/umbraco-package-awards-2021-the-winners/