As well as spending my career building production websites for others I also like to build software for myself. If I build something that could be used by anyone else, I try to make the code open source and release it as a free product.

I've built products that can be used by web developers, photographers and people just looking for a bit of fun.

For everyone

Imposter Promo

The imposter is a party game designed to be played by 4-7 people. It is based on the Big Potato classic 'The Chameleon' with a few different rules and a more fun scoring system.

Each round, one player is randomly chosen as the imposter, and that player needs to discover the secret word without attracting suspicion from the others.

The Imposter is an Ionic based web app built on top of Angular and .NET Core. Players can either play directly in the browser or install the app by clicking 'Add to home screen'.


Give it a go!

The Imposter is free to play, and doesn't require anything to be installed. All you need is 3 other friends.

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Learn more about The Imposter

Learn more about how to play The Imposter and what tech was used to create it.

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For photographers


PanoCapture is a free and open source plugin for CaptureOne that allows users to create panoramas from multiple photos.


PostCapture is a CaptureOne plugin (and standalone program) that applies different watermarks and borders to images depending on EXIF data.

Both these CaptureOne plugins are Windows only.

You can purchase CaptureOne directly from their website.

For Web Developers

This website has been built using two of my own open source projects. In fact, the two projects were started so that I could build and host this site for free.

Anyone with a bit of ASP.Net knowledge will be able to set up and host their own version of this site within an hour.

xStatic for Umbraco

xStatic is a free Umbraco package that generates static HTML sites from Umbraco content. This allows for very cheap and fast hosting of simple sites.


Every component I build for my website is available for free to anyone else that wants to use it. Just install the UmbracoFolio package to a clean Umbraco installation.

Umbraco is a fantastic CMS that can handle pretty much any task you throw at it, and like my two products is open source and free! You can install Umbraco via NuGet or by visiting their website.

For gamers

Sage of Empires

Sage of Empires is a web app that gives users sage advice for the civ they are currently playing with / against to use on their 2nd monitor.